Couple’s Bracelet Set- Tiger’s Eye and Black Agate Mix

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FOREVER bracelets come in a set of 2.  Each pair programmed to form long lasting bonds.  Designed for couples, parent-child, or Soul buddies who’d like to make a wish together.  When the bracelets fray or break apart, your wish will soon come true!

Currently on Sale with FREE SHIPPING!  Every crystal has been energetically charged with blessings!

Both Black Agate and Tiger’s Eye are very grounding stones.  Not only do they help you manifest all of your desires here on Earth, the Tiger’s Eye provides extra oomph of confidence and empowerment energies into your wish!  Please see in the detailed description below for Chakra information.

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Men and Women Couple’s bracelet with Tiger’s Eye and Black Agate and Braided Rope band.

One for each of you in this 2-bracelet set!  6.5 – 9.4 inch, adjustable band.

Amethyst- 7th Crown Chakra.  Connects you with Source energy of Unconditional Love and Light while you walk your Spiritual path.

Blue Agate- 6th Third Eye Chakra.  Increases your psychic and healing abilities while helping you focus on Earthly tasks.

Turquoise- 5th Throat Chakra.  Connects you with your Inner Truth while speaking your Wisdom.

Green Aventurine- 4th Heart Chakra.  Connects your lower Chakras with upper Chakras from the space of compassion and neutrality.

Tiger’s Eye- 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra.  Empowers you in personal growth while embracing Spiritual evolution, despite fear.

Orange Calcite- 2nd Sacral Chakra.  Promotes creativity while offering healing in relationships and past trauma.

Red Agate- 1st Root Chakra.  Offers grounding safe energies helping you manifest every desire on the Earth plane.