Dream Catcher Vision Activation Soothing Bracelet

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Amazonite promotes psychic vision into what your heart truly desires in life.  One gains clarity and aspirations through its gentle Angelic energies, encouraging self love, trust, and serenity.

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Amazonite is a soothing stone that calms the brain and nervous system.  Being a stone that balances the masculine and feminine energies, Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.  It alleviates worry and fear.  Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system.  Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love.  It protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves.

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Natural Amazonite stone Dream Catcher charm multi-layer bracelet.

Overall length: 8.25 inches. Charm size: About 2 x 1.25 x .75 inches