*NEW Custom Creations- ‘Heaven on Earth’ Amethyst Magnetite Pendant

$17.95 $13.68

Hand wire wrapped by Master Intuitive Healer, Jennifer Cloake.  This particular amethyst was selected to match the frequencies of magnetite, creating “Heaven on Earth”.  Amethyst is know to raise One’s vibration by channeling Light throw the Crown chakra.  This Light not only elevates intuition, it actually dissolving toxic and/ or non supportive energies such as addiction, drama, and chaos.  Magnetite is magnetic and has the power to align the physical existence with Earth’s magnetic fields.  Chakras are aligned, creating peace and abundance in all areas of life.

Note:  Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by pregnant women, or by persons with pacemakers or defibrillators, without first obtaining the consent of their physician.