Prayernite™ Selenite Energy Cleansing & Protection Pendant

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Available in gold and silver-colored bale, Prayernite™ Selenite Pendants are Jennifer’s top choice.  She has often said if she can only have one piece of crystal/ stone, Selenite would be it!  Selenite is known for its power in energy clearing and protection.  It is also known for its connection to the highest energetic frequencies offering manifestation and psychic abilities.  It’s cleansing properties are so strong, you can cleanse other stones with a Selenite.  It never needs to be cleared and should Never touch water as it will dissolve.

Currently 33% OFF with FREE SHIPPING!  Every crystal has been energetically charged with blessings!

For a limited time, Jennifer will customize (Gift value $29)  your Selenite based on the message given by your Spirit Guides.  Let her know if the pendant is for you or a gift in the note section during checkout.  If it’s a gift, give the name of the person.  She will customize based on their frequencies.

Selenite cleanses its environment, clearing away negative energies, and is powerful enough to cleanse other stones and crystals.  It’s calming properties are perfect for meditation and spiritual work, heightening one’s connection to the multi-dimensional frequencies.  It can calm nightmares, promotes lucid dreams, and aides in memory.

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Each piece has been carefully selected by Jennifer Cloake, Master Healer.

Perfect for both men and women, every stone is irregular in shape and size.  You can expect to receive stones that are 3/4″ to 1″ in length.


Silver, Gold